Things to do

Punta Cana has it all. You find all kinds of fun everywhere and for everybody like families, couple or adults. Find delphiniums and more sightseeing to do like aquatic and nature reserves, marine diving, theatres, dances and discos and lots of fun

Excursions, tours & golf

The Dominican Republic is an island that surprises for the diversity of options for fun and tourism. Its beautiful attractions offer combinations to explore places that are well worth a visit.

Shoppings & malls

In Punta Cana you’ll get whatever you want, this content will help you choose the best stores. you’ll find  clothing  medicine, and food.

Car Rental & Transportation

Rent all the vehicles you want at different price and the brands you prefer any type of car you want you will get in Punta Cana. Also get best the taxi, helicopters and transportation services.

Cities Near & Cruise

There are also other beautiful cities beyond punta cana such as the Romana, bayahibe and higuey. many tourists who visit Punta Cana arrives through the romana by cruise.

Currency exchange & Safety

Click in exchange and get the Currency exchange rate in USD, CAD Or EUR to Dominican peso, and How safe is it to travel Punta Cana Dominican republic right now.

Health center & Spas

The city has 3 main hospitals that attend to emergencies and also have specialized doctors. never forget that spas are considered a good option that helps your health as well as relaxes you

Airport and Weather

Punta Cana international airport and is one the best in the Caribbean is a modern and big, every year millions of tourist come through it. the weather in punta cana is always warm

Upcoming event & Wedding

This city that has fabulous hotels wedding packages to make this celebration the most special, also look at our latest special events.

Restaurant & Disabled​

top of best choice restaurants in Punta Cana Asian, Italian and local food, the delicious Dominican food also easy places accessible people with disabilities 

Beaches & tropical drink

The Dominican Republic has the most beautiful beaches in the region, you can practice surfing, diving, boating. there are a lot of tropical fruit drink that you will try.

Punta cana vs Cancun & history of punta cana

you’ll know yourself which are our greatest cultures, foodmusic. You will see a great difference that Punta Cana and Cancun have so it will be easier for you to choose your destination.

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