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best activities and attractions in punta cana

Punta Cana has it all. You find all kinds of fun everywhere and for everybody like families, couple or adults. Find delphiniums and more sightseeing to do like aquatic and nature reserves, marine diving and lots of fun.


In addition to beautiful beaches, villas, apartments and magnificent hotels, Punta Cana Dominican Republic is a city with a lot of life, vibrant, that has many activities to do and discover with interesting complementary offers, varied kind of food and the diversity of nightlife.


Laguna de bavaro punta cana

Laguna de bavaro

Laguna de bavaro To practice kayaking and observe biodiversity, it is a coastal ecosystem, bordered by mangroves and wetlands that …
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cap cana harbor marina close to punta cana


CAP CANA HARBOR & MARINA cap marina Cana is one of the most prominent area of Cap. Cana is a …
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choco museum in punta cana


Chocomused Learn about the history of cacao, origins in the Mayan civilization, properties and uses today. The tour is free …
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punta cana aqua park best dominican republic


RAD PARK PUNTA CANA This is a spectacular park known mainly for extreme sports, all competition of professional athletes in …
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eyes ecological park in punta cana


INDIGENOUS EYES ECOLOGICAL PARK The route to reach the 11 eyes of water is through a tropical forest with a …
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snorkeling in punta cana dominican republic

Snorkeling in punta cana

Snorkeling in punta cana It is one of the most requested activities in Punta Cana but also one of the …
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the best kiteboarding punta cana


Kiteboarding This is a fun activity that is very common in Punta Cana, here we will mention the excursion agency …
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manati park in punta cana


MANATI PARK One of the pioneers in excursions in the area, this park features animal shows and insights into Dominican …
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macao surf camp punta cana


MACAO SURF CAMP This one of the few companies that offers classes to surf both in groups for the whole …
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deep sea fishing in punta cana


DEEP SEA FISHING With over sever moths of billfish season, every year fishing off the Punta Cana shore on the …
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bavaro adventure park punta cana


BÁVARO ADVENTURE PARK This excursion agency offers a diversity of fun outdoor activities that are highly trusted by tourists. They …
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seaquarium punta cana


SEAQUARIUM Snorkel with sharks and stingrays. Meet sea lions. Scuba or submarine ocean floor exploration. Located in Cabeza de Toro …
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water park sirenis aquagame punta cana

Sirenis aquagames

Sirenis aquagames One of the largest water parks in the area (12,000 m2), with attractions for children, adolescents and adults …
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scape park punta cana dominican republic


SCAPE PARK It is a park full of emotions you can learn about the culture and beauty of the Dominican …
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bahia scouts water park in punta cana


BAHIA SCOUTS WATER PARK It is a wonderful water park that belongs to the great 5-star hotel Gran Bahia Principe …
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Enjoy the shows with the dolphins and swim with them and you will know more of these mammals also With our zip line, you can enjoy the best experience the one has a distance of up to 3 km one of the largest zip lines in the country

🏇 Best sightseeing activities to do in Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Probably you come from far away and want to take advantage and enjoy the best of the city, that’s why we created a list of the most outstanding activities from dolphinariums to amusement park.

  • Delphiniums

You like dolphins we have more than three dolphin parks all of them with live shows with fantastic demonstrations you going allow to touch it and interact with these wonderful sea creatures, in addition to dolphins we also have other marine animals for more information on delphiniums category.

the best dolphin islan is the carribean punta cana dominican republic


DOLPHIN ISLAND PARK Located in Bavaro. Floating platform for swimming with dolphins and sea lions in the open sea. Tourists …
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where is dolphin explore punta cana

Dolphin explorer

Dolphin explorer In addition to interaction with dolphins, it includes swimming and snorkelling with sharks, stingrays, seals and sea lions; …
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dolphin descovery punta cana dominican republic

Dolphin discovery

Dolphin discovery Swim and enjoy with the dolphins with the Dolphin Encounter that is in all America they have packages …
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  • Park

We have a variety of park types such as water and ecological parks, all are beautiful and fun, they are an excellent option to enjoy with the family.

national park los haitises in punta cana

Los haitises nationar park

Los haitises nationar park All-day excursion to Sabana de la Mar, from where a boat trip is taken to visit …
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eyes ecological park in punta cana


INDIGENOUS EYES ECOLOGICAL PARK The route to reach the 11 eyes of water is through a tropical forest with a …
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cotubanama dominican republic


Cotubanama Its previous name was National Park of the East, our country rich in beautiful nature, that is why we …
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It is incredible how wonderful and big the sea is, with our diving services you can explore inside of the beautiful sea with the amazing tours in the deep of the ocean, we have the people prepared to take you safely to sea experience all of our teams are professionals and give very good quality service you can leave everything in our hand. Go ahead and selects one of our diving pages for reservations, numbers and offers.

One of our most popular outdoor tourist attractions is our boat ride, we have snacks and music, many businesses offer other services inside of the boat such as meditation, enjoy this wonderful experience.



💏 Honeymoon outdoor activities

you can get all the information about the honeymoon and more like places to go, you will realize those wonderful outdoor attractions that we have for couples are soo fun go ahead and visit our page of the wedding just click on the photo.

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🏕 Excursion

Also, we have another kind of activities or tourist attractions for adults and for all the families that also are very famous it is the excursion we have to hundreds of it for that reason we decide to create one entire page just for excursion

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🗺 Attractions map

In the page map, you can download the best Punta Cana tours and attractions guide on the city.

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🛏 Best hotel and resorts attractions for families, adults or couple

Down you will be transferred to the information complete of attractions facts

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