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The route to reach the 11 eyes of water is through a tropical forest with a great diversity of fauna. The greenery is intense and the road winds through tunnels of trees and weeds with views of more than 500 exotic plant species. You can take guided tours but you must book by calling the center. It is about 10 minutes east of the Punta Cana International Airport. It’s an activity for half a day.

For adventurers and lovers of ecotourism, it is located in the tourist and residential complex Punta Cana resort and reserve, Ecológica Ojos Indigenous has trails to know the local flora and fauna through the tropical forests, it also has 12 lagoons of which three you can swim. It has other attractions that will make the visit an entertaining moment.

In this beautiful natural park, you can connect with nature, you can go on your own or you can use an excursion agency that we will mention, inside the park there are countless beautiful lagoons, the park is quite large, it has about 15 square km

Due to the construction of so many hotels in Punta Cana and the exploitation of the land, it was necessary to have a place to preserve the fauna and flora of the area, which is why the ecological park was created to protect the animals and plants of the Dominican Republic.

It is well cared for and managed by the Punta Cana group. In the lakes, you can swim with confidence in its clean waters.

❓ What is inside?

• 12 Lakes
• More than 450 species
• Diversity of flowers

💵 Entrance cost

US$ 50

📖 Contact and location

Number: (809) 959-9221
Address: Cap Cana, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic


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