Laguna de bavaro punta cana
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Laguna de bavaro

Laguna de bavaro

To practice kayaking and observe biodiversity, it is a coastal ecosystem, bordered by mangroves and wetlands that provides shelter for various species, including the exclusive fish from the lagoon called cypronodon Higüey.

🚣 Activities

These are some of the activities that you can do inside the bavaro lagoon has a large number of animals.

• Kayaking
• fishing
• trekking
• navigate
• excursions by bird species that exist and by mangroves
• Location

Several options to do activities in the lagoon, however we personally recommend that you hire an excursion agency, it also all depends on the type of activity that you are going to do, for example if it is fishing, rent a boat and do this activity with your family or learn about the Dominican fauna and flora but we recommend you look for a native who has experience in the area in the link below we will leave you the page where you will contact a guide or agency

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It is a water lagoon with an approximate area of ​​3 km2, it is a protected area that has a large number of invertebrates, it is another way to know part of the Dominican flora and fauna and connect a little more with nature inside Punta Cana.

👨‍🔬 Features

According to researchers and experts in the area, this lagoon has more than 200 types of plants, mangroves, almost 90 types of birds, 11 types of reptiles and the Cyprinodon higuey fish is the only lake in the world that has this type of fish, for this reason, It is a protected area as it has endangered species.

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