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Snorkel with sharks and stingrays. Meet sea lions. Scuba or submarine ocean floor exploration. Located in Cabeza de Toro. Half-day activity

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❓ What’s includes?

This company offers wonderful tour experiences for tourists:

Welcome to the private beach: as the name says, this is our first welcome that is on the beach, we offer refreshments and resting places where you can relax.

Walk underwater: an activity where you can walk underwater, you will have a capsule on your head that will allow you to breathe. This wonderful experience you will be able to know a little of the marine world, it is not necessary to have a good physical condition.

Snorkel in the sea: this experience will allow you to know the sea a little deeper. This activity requires you to be in good health and physical condition because we will immerse you at a deep pressure.

Party on a boat: music and drinks this is fun, you will enjoy our party, you will dance and have a nice and fun time

Natural pool: you will continue the party and we will take you to a beautiful area where the sea level is as low as a pool

Snorkelling with sharks and stingrays: if you have never had contact with a sea lion you will have the opportunity to have contact with one of these friendly creatures and meet sharks safely

Round-trip transportation: you don’t have to worry because we will pick you up where you are and take you back.


📓 Contact

Number: (809) 221-9444
Address: Avenida Barceló, Punta Cana 23000
Facebook: / seaquariumpuntacana /
Instagram: seaquarium
Wed page: https://seaquariumpuntacana.com/

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