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Rent all the vehicles you want at different price and the brands you prefer any type of car you want you will get in Punta Cana.you will see down some of the most famous car rental agencies with the address, telephone number and additional information.Find Your Rental Car

 🚘 Choice the better rental agencies in Bavaro Punta Cana of 2020

There are many car rental agencies look for the one that has the most positive recommendations, is not recommended that you rent vehicles to an independent person, however, you can do it but you have to get all the information of the person who rents you the car. we are going to show you a list of the most recommended company that rental car.

Agency  Address
Budge Avenida Barceló, Punta Cana 23000
Avis International Airport (PUJ)
Alamo International Airport (PUJ)
Enterprise International Airport (PUJ)
Hertz Boulevard Turístico del Este, Punta Cana 11901
National Av. Barcelo Downtown Mall 1St Floor/I. Airport
Payless International Airport (PUJ)
Fox International Airport (PUJ)
Prestige Av. Pastor Domingo de la Cruz
Interrent International Airport (PUJ)
Joel Carretera Veron-Bavaro Km 3, Bavaro
Melo  Melo Rent Car, Avenida Alemania 9
Sixt C/ 106, Punta Cana 23000

 ✅ Recommendations

book an economical and modern vehicle is soo important, for that reason, one of the best options is the mini cooper, these vehicles are the best option for tourists want comfortable and economic vehicles you can travel everywhere without concern for the high quality of that car, however, this beautiful is most used for young families with no more than 2 children if you have a large family and you need to have a lot of space, we recommend a KIA Sedona, that is a spacious and luxurious car that can be used for large families.                        

We also recommend other great vehicle options that you can the same one are recommended by people to ride long roads.

  • Honda HR-V
  • Chevrolet Bolt
  • Honda Accord 
  • Volvo V90 
  • Nissan maxima
  • Range Rover
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

🏞 Travel around the Dominican Republic in a Vehicle safe

Even though all companies that rent a car always rent vehicles in very good condition, there may be human errors for that reason you can always insure and check your vehicles before taking it, check the radiator water, motorcycle oil, transmission oil and brakes and the gauges are working properly and all the tires are properly inflated also make sure you have a spare tire and all your necessary tools to make you have a safe trip as it is better to be safe always, also make sure you have the number of the company that rents you the car.

🔵 Pick it up or take it home

There are many points where you can pick up your car and pay for it online, one of the most popular is the airport you can also choose a different option, for example, will take you the car to your hotel, all depends on service that provided the agency.

✈ Car rental Punta Cana International Airport Dominican republic (PUJ)

The airport is one of the most popular locations of the business that dedicate In car rental we going to show the location of that rental car companies.

We have all the options that you are looking for,  like a cheap and economy car or maybe you looking for the car by the brand.

Which car rental agency at Punta Cana airport is the best?

 We believe that the best is the one that has the cheapest car, car options and gives better service and for the customer for that reason we going to show you which agencies are better.

  1. Budge
  2. Avis
  3. Alamo
  4. Enterprise
  5. Hertz
  6. National
  7. Thrifty
  8. Prestige

The airport is one of the locations to return cars just in case you decide to rent the car in another place you can leave it at the airport.

🏎 Luxury car

If you have enough money you will have the options to rent a luxury car to travel the country, you will find in Punta Cana lot of agency that rental luxury and exotic car.

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