Cities Near Punta Cana

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Cities near Punta Cana

Although Punta Cana has it all, it has the opportunity to excuse all the nearby places, it will surprise you that there is more and it does not have to travel much to just one kilometre, you can have the opportunity to visit wonderful places outback.

The tourist sites range from ancient religious buildings such as the gigantic Higuey Basilica or another, there are also other beautiful cities beyond that also have many places to visit such as the Roman, bayahibe and cap. Cana between other cities that are too close not more than 2 hours.

cap cana destination near to punta cana

Cap cana

It is an area or complex of hotels that are within the tourist area of ​​Punta Cana, it was created …
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cotubanama dominican republic


Cotubanama Its previous name was National Park of the East, our country rich in beautiful nature, that is why we …
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la terrenas semana dominican republic

La terrenas (samana)

Las terrenas Located in the province of Samana you will have beautiful golden sand beaches, small hotels with a lot …
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the best of la romana dominican republic

La romana

La Romana Just when you leave the province of Altagracia you will enter another treasure that is also among the …
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higuey basilica nuestra señora de la altagracia dominican republic


Higuey La Altagracia is one of the 31 provinces that has the Dominican Republic, within each province, there are cities …
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the best of uvero alto dominican republic

Uvero alto

Uvero Alto It is simply the upper part of Punta Cana Dominican Republic, we will explain in a little more …
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bayahibe dominican republic other destination


Bayahibe La Romana is one of the closest provinces to Punta Cana but it is also an area that has …
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boca de yuma dominican republic other destination


Boca de Yuma It is a beautiful town located almost leaving the province of Altagracia Dominican Republic. It is approximately …
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Learn more about the Dominican culture and without spending a lot of money and without making a lot of effort just renting a car for half a day will be enough you do not need to pay to visit one of these places.

All the touristy point free public access however, you may have to pay For an extra service to be able to enter there.

Maybe you want to take away food for these tourist places, you have dining rooms and sale of souvenirs to buy.

On this page you can have all the necessary information in case you consider that Punta Cana is not enough, you will be able to know the locations, tips, history, better access and everything related to nearby places to visit.

Although the tourist police always roam the most tourist sites to protect and serve tourists.

Don’t forget to take all the safety tips that we give you that are very important.

🕍 Most popular places close Punta cana

There are other attractions beyond that are also beyond such as the fun fun cave or the humpback whale show.

All these attractions are also within the same cities that we mention below all our effort is focused on showing you the main beauties of cities are near Punta Cana.

One of the biggest tourist attractions beyond Punta Cana in our country is the Saona Islands is not fenced to leave the tip while visiting the most crystalline waters that you will see in all your lives with the Saona Islands.

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To get there you will need to pay for a boat ride worry the prices with considerably reasonable and the pilots are hard-working and serious people in the area.

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