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Typical food

Typical food

At the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleonic troops from Piedmont settled in the east of the island. Late in the century from Genoa come workers from the sea, experienced in navigation. Pelleraros and maggiolo are partners in the shipping business. The first at the end of the XIX, founded the newspaper, daily directory. From the Ravelo family, Juan Nepomuceo, participates in the secret society La Trinitaria, headed by Juan Pablo Duarte. In the second half of the twentieth century, Italian migration was interested in Boca Chica, which, chosen as a tourist pole, attracts an increasingly wide community of Italians, who see an opportunity to open their businesses in the area. This is the story that left to the Dominican traditions such as the befana transformed into the old nativity scene, which poor and abandoned repairs the faults of the Magi from the East. They also did it with gastronomy. In Italian risotto it was transformed into the exquisite rice, chicken and tomato soup with a touch of coriander that is the Dominican ‘’ asopado ’’. Lasagna became the pastelón, either in its variants of the ripe banana or the eggplant. The panettone became the ‘’ pudding bread ’’, with plum and almond. The tiramisu, due to its texture and creaminess, in the ‘’ tres leches ’’. The Dominican passion for Italian cuisine shows in the extensive list of restaurants.

🍛 Typical Dominican food

Some of the most delicious and popular food in the Dominican Republic you can visit our category restaurants you want • sancocho • mangú • rice beans and meat • green salad • arepa • chicharon • mondongo • pastelón • locrio • sheet cakes • mori soñando • sweet bean • asopao • yaniqueque • chimichurris

Dominican street food

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