Currency exchange punta cana

exchage punta cana and dominican republic

Currency exchange Punta Cana

The local currency of our country is the Dominican peso, however, thanks of that the majority of our tourists come from the United States, Canada and Europe, in most businesses they accept dollars or euros.

💵 Currency exchange Punta Cana rate

The rate of the American or Canadian dollar and the euro always change so we leave currency exchange if you need to know how much is the currency exchange fee for Punta Cana in American or Canadian dollar and euro.

🔵 Tips

  • Always go out with a credit card: it is the safest way to pay, it makes you live easier because you do not have to go out with changes or doesn’t have to receive coins almost all the places that you will accept the card.
  • Investigate the rates: most Dominicans are honest, but there is the possibility that you will find people who want to overvalue the price of some product or service for the simple reason that you are a tourist and they think that you do not know the price of the product or service.
  • Always go with Dominican money: if you go out of your hotel to buy or walk, we advise you always get Dominican money, some people do not have change for dollars or euros and who may overvalue the price of something because you are tourists.

🔄 Best place to exchange currency in Punta Cana

On the next map, you will find some of the most popular exchange dollar and euro go ahead and check the one that is close to you.

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