catamara-boat rides in punta cana dominican republic
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Catamara boat rides

Catamara boat rides

Several companies offer catamaran boat rides into the sea of Punta Cana. Some are double-decker boats with glass bottoms for observing marine life underwater. Crystal- clear waters, time for snorkelling, open bar and Caribbean rhythms. A good way to tour Punta Cana with an ocean point view of all the resorts lined up along the coastline. Sunset cruise is resorts lined up along the coastline. Sunset cruises are available. Many of these trips are billied as ‘’ party boats ’’ for the open bar and non-stop music on board. Half-day activity.
This is one of the most used boats for any type of maritime activity because it has a great breadth, comfort and power with a capacity of 8 people or more depending on its size. In Punta there are a large number of these boats are used a lot for excursions, fishing and navigation.

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The agency or companies offer services with this boat, it all depends, you will find everything you need such as contacts and service.
  • Drink Catamarans
  • Happy Fish Catamarans
  • Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures
  • EcoReef Punta Cana
  • RIBALKOFF Punta Cana
  • Going Party Boat
  • Infinity Ocean Catamarans Punta Cana
  • Blue Marine Punta Cana
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