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Cayo arena (monte cristi)

Cayo arena (monte cristi)

Also known as “paradise key” it is a very special place. with very white and fine sand, which forms a small islet with a few meters high above the sea and close to the coast. Wonderful spa in the middle of the sea, because it is surrounded by crystalline water where you can see the seabed with a shady clarity, it is ideal for unforgettable moments enjoying the sun and the sea. Some agencies in Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo offer this excursion, it can be reached by boats that depart from Punta Russia.



On the north coast of the Dominican Republic, “Cayo Paraiso” belongs to the province of Montecristi but the excursions depart from Punta Russia.

This northeast of Puerto Plata is an extraordinary creation of nature, to get there it is recommended that you hire an excursion to Punta Plata, it is not very common to find an excursion agency that tours place so far from Punta Cana but you can rent a car to get to Puerto Plata.

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6 hours from Punta Cana to Cayo Arena, but we assure you that the effort is worth it. Enter in the car rent category see the best agency and the best prices to rent a car.

🏞 Excursion Agencies

These are some of the excursion agency that you can go to, Cayo Arene, enter to see the different packages that include snacks, diving and snorkelling and much more like music and drinks.

• merenbatour
• dominicantours
• colonialtours


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