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It is known that the name “Samana” comes from Taino origin, as well as Punta Cana, Samaná is one of the most visited tourist spots in the Dominican Republic, its main economic activity after tourism is agriculture and then fishing.

It is the only peninsula in the country, it is north of the Dominican Republic, it has 4 municipal districts Samaná, El Limón, Arroyo Barril, Las Galeras being famous for its beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters.

Most outstanding activities

Best known in the province of Samaná, some of them we already speak in more depth as whale watching, Los Haitises National Park you can enter one of the categories already mentioned and find all the information you need.

• whale watching
• Fishing
• Excursion to the national park los haitises
• Zip line
• Excursion to Cayo Levantado islandA
• Lemon hulls
• Safaris

Tour from punta cana

It has many types of excursions, each one has different packages Samaná has many places that you can visit here, we mention some of the packages, just click on one of them to find more detailed information.

Full-day guided excursion to Samaná from Punta Cana with lunch (LPC Tours by IRB Turismo) https://www.viator.com/es-ES/tours/Punta-Cana/Ultimate-Samana-Full-Day-Experience-from -Punta-Cana / d794-53031P2

El Limón Waterfalls and Bacardi Island in the Punta Cana area (The Whales Las Ballenas) https://www.viator.com/es-ES/tours/Samana/El-Limon-Waterfalls-and-Bacardi-Island-from-Punta -Cana-area / d4177-69321P36

Samaná Tour from Punta Cana (Passeios Punta Cana) https://www.viator.com/es-ES/tours/Punta-Cana/Samana-Tour-From-Punta-Cana/d794-72646P9?m=26374&supag=67067036863&supsc= aud-435409373039: dsa-694098304004 & supai = 420430240007 & supap = & supdv = c & supnt = nt: g & suplp = 9069772 & Supli = & supti = aud-435409373039: dsa-694098304004 & TSEM = true & supci = aud-435409373039: dsa-694098304004 & supap1 = & supap2 = & gclid = Cj0KCQjwqrb7BRDlARIsACwGad4ZdymcDx3vUhSe5iTiiFxQvunNWB7yhEf694ybnE470VOabTfTixAaAmiDEALw_wcB

Day trip to Samaná by bus (Steffy Tours Operador) https://www.viator.com/es-ES/tours/Punta-Cana/Samana-Day-Trip-By-Bus/d794-74951P3

You can create your own excursion agencies however if you do not have a car you will have to rent one and it will probably cost more to do it on your own.

El Catey International Airport (AZS)

Professor Juan Bosch Airport It is the Samaná airport with different destinations such as Canada, the United States, Spain, and more if you want to travel from the international airport of Punta Cana (PUJ) to this airport you can enter the airport category and find hourly rates and Bookings.

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