la terrenas semana dominican republic

La terrenas (samana)

Las terrenas

Located in the province of Samana you will have beautiful golden sand beaches, small hotels with a lot of charm, the fishing village offers an interesting and varied cuisine and a good nightlife for those who want to enjoy the warm nights of the Atlantic coast.



It is an area similar to Punta Cana, but we will not only refer to its beaches because it has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, but there are also wonderful hotels.

They do not have a large number of activities and hotels if we compare it with Punta Cana, although it is one of the most popular areas of Samaná.

Tourism in this city is growing due to the number of investors and is becoming more and more popular. It used to be called the fishing village because many native perch lived in the

According to reports, the largest number of tourists come from European countries.

🏞 Journey 

Approximately 4 hours, 290 km of the distance they have several ways to get there, but the most recommended is through a transport agency, it is not the cheapest way but it may be the safest for tourists who travel for the first time, however, they have the options to rent a car, take a plane or go by public transport which is the cheapest option.

The road system is modern and the streets are in very good condition such as the El Coral Highway, the East Highway, the Mella Highway, the Northeast Highway, the Juan Pablo Second Highway, the Nagua Samaná Highway and the Atlantic Tourist Boulevard, these are not the only road you can travel on there are also other routes

See other routes

🚤 Activities

Enjoy different activities that are in Samana las Terrenas like

• Diving
• Boat ride
• Nightclubs

🌊 Beaches

Another most notable characteristics of this municipality are its beaches which have crystal clear waters, white sand, all are very beautiful, some are

• Poppy Point
• Coson beach
• nice beach
• Whales

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