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Santo Domingo city tour

Santo Domingo city tour

Since it is a four-hour drive to and from the capital, this is a full-day tour of the city, an urban center with almost three million inhabitants. Tour company programs will differ but most will concentrate on the colonial city, with visits to the first cathedral in the new world. The alcazar where the Spanish conquest of the Americas was planned, the Columbus, and el conde pedestrian shopping street and the Mercado Modelo, where you can bargain for local souvenirs.


🏰 Colonial city

Recognized by the United Nations Organization for Education and Culture (UNESCO) as a cultural heritage of humanity, its streets and buildings have more than 500 years of history and jealously guard important firsts in the history of the new continent where they are cited. culture and history with the touch of joy that characterizes the Dominican people. It has museums, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks and innumerable attractions that will require more than one visit to get to know it completely. It can be recognized individually, or with one of the mobile offers that have been created to make it more interesting to know; These options are multiple (bicycle, trikke, coroleta, chuchu, vespa, car) and whichever one is chosen will be an interesting adventure.

🏞 The three eyes

It is a famous excursion located in Santo Domingo in the mirador del Este park, it has beautiful lakes with thousands of years of history, we invite you to visit this lake.

🏙 National District

It is the heart of Santo Domingo, the capital center where the main economic and productive activity of the Dominican Republic is concentrated.It is surrounded by buildings, shopping centers, elevated buildings, tunnels, companies of all kinds and hundreds of public and private institutions. It is a good place to know what the Dominican metropolis is like.

🌎 Distance

It will take you approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to get there from Punta Cana. We recommend you go with enough Dominican money because you will have to pay several tolls.

❓ What includes?

• Round trip transportation to the hotel • Visit to more recognized and interesting places • Guides who speak several languages

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