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Whale watching

Whale watching

From January through March, this full-day excursion is offered to watch the giant humpback whales as they frolic in and out of the Atlantic Ocean, along the coastline of Samana province. Options offered include a helicopter ride a plane ride or a bus ride to Sabana de la mar. this trip is best enjoyed when overnighting in Samana. The excursions usually include a stopover at “cayo levantado island”. A spectacle of nature that you should know, starting January and until March The whale watching season. These huge marine animals flee from the icy waters of the North Atlantic to enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean, give birth to their calves on the coast of “Samana” and the silver bank.
  It is one of the main attractions of Samana. The only place in the Caribbean where you can enjoy whale watching. Excursion companies offer the service and you can take one of the boats in the port of the city of Samaná It is one of the excursions that attract the most people to the province of Samaná when the season arrives and it is a unique experience that only happens when these whales are in mating season.

🎯 Location

4 hours to arrive for that reason you should leave very early and take advantage of the whole day.  

🏞 Agency and Packages

We recommend that you enter to see more and you will find some of the best excursion agencies. Some excursion agencies not only offer the trip to see the “whale watching” but also include packages. Enter one of these agencies to see packages offers.
  • Whale Tours Samana
  • Whale Samana by Kim
  • The Whales Las Ballenas
A second option is to travel on your own, you only have to rent a car, you can enter the car rental category and go yourself, just follow the location map and when you arrive you will find many boats to take the tour.
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