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Healt center in Punta Cana

Health tourism is a reality in the Dominican Republic and is considered a promising market niche for the country by the promoters, grouped in the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ASTS). HORANDO   According to Amelia Reyes Mora Vice President of ADTS, this activity that has a high potential to generate well-paid jobs and diversifies the tourist offer to strengthens the quality of local medicine and encourages. A survey carried out by the medical tourism association (MTA), that the medical tourism Index (MTI), establish the country in fifth place of destinations with the greatest potential for health tourism. Currently, more than 35 thousand patients are treated annually between health tourism and tourist medicine, which travellers come, mainly, from the Caribbean island, the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.

🤝 Public-private partnership

Dr Alejandro Cambodia, president of ADTS and main local promoter of this activity, considers that for the destination to be better It is necessary to continue strengthening the public-private alliance, invest in the hospital infrastructure, technology and training of professional and technical human resources. Not all health care that are interested in health tourism are trained to do it, because it is required to comply with local regulations, international standards and preparation that involves training and expert advice. Without a doubt, we have many aspects that we have to improve in order to have a more efficient and competitive health system for the traveller. It is necessary to strengthen the first level of care based on the primary care strategy as a gateway to guarantee the sustainability of the sector, working on promoting health and preventing diseases. We need to Understands that in order to be at the forefront of health tourism, the country must comply with local regulations, obtain international accreditations and implement programs to strengthen the quality, risk and safety of health services. Also, the adoption of best practices to avoid the health risks standardized clinical protocols and a culture of continuous improvement the traveller health Punta Cana, with a qualified bilingual medical and technical staff.

👨‍⚕️ Doctor on resort and hotel

Even if in Punta Cana won’t find American doctor but you can be for sure that you will find professional medical attention in the city are prepare hospital that speaks different languages like English, French and other almost every hotel like hard rock hotel Punta Cana doctor, grand palladium, breathless, Paradisus have small health care.

❤ Spa

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