Punta cana vs Cancun

punta cana vs concu mexico

Punta cana vs Cancun

They are 2 wonderful tourist destinations both Punta Cana and Campo Cancun offer diversity of fun and facilities to have a pleasant vacation, however, these Caribbean destinations can be considered as rivals and basically Cancun is the direct competition of Punta Cana each of the cities They deserve to be valued in the best way, however there are certain differences between one city and the other.

  • Resort for the whole family

According to research and visitor opinions, Punta Cana is the most popular Caribbean destination for families, due to the large number of activities that exist for the whole family, as it offers more hotels oriented in this category as well as child-friendly, such as Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts also offers many activities such as 4 dolphinariums, many family excursions it is a place where you will spend a quiet moment with your whole family

  • Adults only resort

Punta Cana is the favourite in the Caribbean for couples, it offers many activities such as balloon maseo, driving a Buggy, in addition to everything perfect weddings and honeymoon you have many hotels wedding packages

  • Night parties and activities

When we talk about nightlife and all parties, most people recommend Cancun has greater options, they have more than 4 casinos and a lot of nightclubs and bars.

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