Is punta cana safe 2020 ?

is punta cana safe in 2020

Is punta cana safe?

Millions of tourists travel Punta Cana there have been no deaths of any kind for the crime. All the deaths that have resulted have been caused by natural deaths. FBI has conducted extensive and in-depth investigations regarding some deaths and has not found that some of these deaths were caused by criminals. This city is no only secure for American tourists it’s for everyone.

The Dominican is characterized by being a kind and honest worker who seeks to get honest, that is the profile of the majority of Dominicans so you do not have to worry when you want to go out, it is very difficult to find unscrupulous. we take care of the tourist and understand the importance you are for the economy of our country for that and many other reasons we will take care of and protect our tourist.

Below we will leave all the emergency numbers, address of the main police forces such as CESTUR and the National Police in case you feel harassed and need help. Find down the contact numbers from the embassies of the most visited countries in case you need it.

Who I should call for an emergency?


(809) 754-3073 Av. Estados Unidos, Punta Cana 23000  

National Police (Policia Nacional) (PN)

(809) 749-7326

(809) 682-2151

calle caracoli, punta cana 2300

Consular  US Agency in Bávaro

(809) 552-8990  Palma Real Shopping Village, Business Center,  Segundo Nivel, Suite 1,  Bávaro, La Altagracia

Office of the Embassy of Canada

(809) 455-1730Avenida Barceló km2.5, Punta Cana 23000

Spanish embassy

(809) 450-2222Av. Independencia, Santo Domingo

Your security is the most important in case you need help you can contact us by sending email domincanrepublic@puntacana.site

🛡 How safe is it to travel Punta Cana Dominican republic right now 2020?

There is nothing to worry about in Punta Cana it is one of the safest city in the entire country. We take care of our tourists besides there are a large number of police forces dedicated to providing security to all of the tourists. In everywhere of the city you find CESTUR officers that are the specialized tourist security. the national police of the Dominican Republic is a police force that provides security to the entire Dominican Republic. Security cameras are in any location in the city as a hotel or outside of them such as restaurants, discos.

Enjoy in a safe place Punta Cana is a city open and secure for your kids and the families travel around or go inside Punta Cana like the downtown or one of our nightclubs without any worried. It’s not matters if is June or Augusts our tourists will always safe in their vacation.

🛎 Will be ok if I leave the resort?

Go off your resort at any time as said before Punta Cana is one of Safier city in the country is approximately 30.30 the crime rate it is considered low.

💧 Is the water safe to drink in Punta Cana resorts?

Yes, is Safe to drink water in Punta Cana but only bottled water it’s available at your nearby store resort or is supplied by resort staff, you should never drink tap water because it is not purified. Also, the ice is another doubt you can get ice without any concern is completely purified.

🚥  Is it secure to drive in the city?

Yes, it is completely safe to drive inside the city, the roads are in good condition and are signposted. No matter remember to take the proper precautions, drive with seat belt and respect traffic laws. You don’t have to worry about the crime rate in Punta Cana is one of the lowest in the country.

🚘 Is it secure to rent a car?

If you book through the car rental agency that we recommend you will have no problem.

🚖 Can I take a taxi safely?

Yes, it is safe, you can take any taxi in the city with complete peace of mind or you can enter here on the transportation page and write down the number of the most recognized taxi agencies.

 🍺 Can I drink alcohol safely?

The level of alcohol in alcoholic drinks such as beer in the Dominican Republic is usually a little higher than other countries such as the United States, that does not mean that it is not safe, but you must be cautious and not overdrink.

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