Punta cana history culture

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Punta Cana history culture

The airport is the first contact in the country in there you’ll start knowing our culture, our habit, we are proud for our Delicious food, music or our main sport the Baseball, we’re sure you that you’ll fall in love with our cultures.

Dominicans happiness is considered one of our culture our good spirit and vibe we like to share to our visitors most Dominicans agree that is one of the greatest pride.

the best about merengue in punta cana dominican republic


Merengue The 31 years that the Trujillo dictatorship lasted, he was pregnant with political merengue to gain followers in the …
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baseball dominican republic


Baseball It is our national sport as well as one of our greatest pride, Dominicans are one of the best …
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religions in punta cana dominican republic


Religions To talk about religion in Punta Cana we need to talk about religion in the Dominican Republic, the official …
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punta cana history

Punta Cana history

Punta Cana history The history of Punta Cana is not old and it dates back to the late 60s, Punta …
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taino legacy punta cana culture

Taíno legacy

Taíno legacy The Dominican Republic Dominican Republic is a country that is made up of mixtures between Europeans who colonized …
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carnival dominican republic

The carnival

The carnival It is one of the most popular cultural shows. Hundreds of people participate in the Dominican Republic. Hundreds …
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tipical food punta cana dominican republic

Typical food

Typical food At the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleonic troops from Piedmont settled in the east of the island …
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famous dances bachata in punta cana dominican republic


Bachata Bachata is music that characterizes the Dominican Republic is famous in many Latin American countries such as Mexico, Cuba …
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Here you’ll know yourself which are our greatest cultures where it comes from and why are we like that, despite the best ways to know is visiting cultural places of the country the one that Dominicans has been working hard to preserve years after years. Visit our pages of Excursions and you’ll find cultural places like colonial zone located in Santo Domingo city and more.

Also, one of the best recommendation to learn about our culture just if you like baseball is to visit local Baseball gameplay you can search for location, times and prices online.

One of the customs that we inherited from the Spanish colonizers was our official religion that is Christianity, the majority of them are Catholic, but the other is Protestant there are also other religions. There’re many people of different religions and beliefs. The Dominican Republic is tolerant and accepts people no matter what kind of religions.

Our country is a mixture of mestizos of Europeans, Africans and indigenous people, that is why there are people of all kinds of colour despite that some International news has accused us of racists and mistreatment our neighbours that is Haiti, the truth is that The Dominican Republic is the country that has given more helped to Haiti in the entire life. Some people are racist, but the majority of citizens are friendly people who respect and treat everybody equally.

👺 Cultural activities attractions

Punta Cana is soo fun one of the main cultural activities to do can be the Carnival it is one bigger expression if the culture in our country and fact about Punta Cana another activity.   

🕍 Cultural tour or trip and excursions

We are going to flowing to page of excursion that you can find a lot of excursions especially the one that is cultural for example excursion to Santo Domingo or basilica de higuey.

Cigar, chocolate, souvenirs, rum, and coffee factory.

Learn more about our cultures in an entertaining and fun way with the cultural excursions, one of the best known is one that takes place in the cigar, coffee and chocolate factory that are some of the Best-selling Dominican products in the country and the outside the country, for more cultural details of this excursion enter the page below.

➕ How to get the most out of Punta Cana 

Make a list of the cultural places that you are most interested in visiting you can visit the excursion page and choose the excursions that interest. Create a schedule with day and hour of the excursions and also do not forget to book before arriving.

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